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Safety Advisors

JFP Safety Services offers a broad range of Safety programs including but not limited to both "active” and "advisor” solutions.

Our "active” Safety Inspectors are imbedded at your site providing:

  • Workplace and practice evaluations
  • Issuing reports and recommendations
  • Managing and facilitating recommended changes
  • Ensuring continual safety compliance

Our "advisor” Safety Inspector program offers:

  • Ongoing and ad hoc safety training
  • Development of Safety Procedures and Protocol
  • Training and Development
  • Random "surprise" site inspections
  • Keeping you current with changing laws and regulations

Our Safety Advisors are well versed in writing, reviewing and creating JSA’s for your crew. In addition they have a strong understanding of SEMS compliance and are able to function as a SEMS compliance officer either onsite or at your home office.

JFP Safety Advisors have extensive experience in the industry. Most have come up through the ranks preforming other duties before going into safety as a profession. This makes our safety advisors the best, as they have respect for the jobs that others do and treat your crew members like one of the family. JFP Safety Advisors believe in partnerships that are based on the three "R’s”… reliable, reasonable, and respectful.


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