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On-Site Health & Wellness

JFP Safety Services, LLC has coordinators to help assist your employees in developing and improving healthy and proactive lifestyles. We have certified, registered dietitians and personnel fitness trainers who are trained to be deployed to the offshore and industrial environments.

We are education first: Meaning we want to inform the employees about their current health situations and provide preventative measures and incentives to increase healthy living.

JFPSS Health and Wellness services include:

  • Communicate support for participation in health programs.
  • Observe and Report employee Health and Wellness lifestyles to help promote positive healthy change in habits.
  • Conduct one on one meetings to assist in planning, goal setting and educating employees about health needs.
  • Assist in developing a health and wellness program for your company.
  • Inspect, train and educate employees about on site fitness equipment.
  • Our services are not limited to just the items listed above.Please contact JFP to get more information about our entire Health and Wellness Program.


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