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Hydration Technicians

We at JFP Safety Services, LLC understand that no matter what temperature it is outside the work most go on. JFP Safety Services, LLC is here to partner with our customers to ensure worker safety through proper hydration. Our hydration and cooling services can be on your site ensuring worker safety. We have the ability to set up cooling and misting tents for hot weather rest and recovery breaks.

In addition, our hydration technicianís will monitor your crew members for proper hydration, routinely offering workers cold water while reaffirming the importance of remaining hydrated. Each of our hydration technicians are trained in Medic First Aid CPR/AED and first aid as well as industry standard courses. Our hydration technicians will monitor your crew for signs of heat stress and advise the onsite HSE advisor and or supervisor of potential problems. As a team, will determine the best course of action.

JFP Safety Services Hydration Technicianís will assist with information during safety meetings and tool box talks about heat stress related issues based on the job side location. JFP Safety Services is also able to supply bottled water should there be a need.


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