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Fire Watch / Confined Space

       JFP Safety Servicesí (JFPSS) Fire Watch and Confined Space personnel have been thoroughly and rigorously trained to prevent fires and ensure no one enters a space that isnít properly managed.

In addition to Incipient Fire Training, and Confined Space Attendant all JFPSS team members have to complete internal training curriculums. Only after successfully completing industry standard training, and JFPSS orientation will personnel be able to be deployed on a job. 

Before the hot work starts:

  • JFPSS will participate in the JSA process
  • Conduct a physical site inspection citing areas of vulnerability
  • Make suggested recommendations for improvements
  • Develop and assist in implementations of fire safety protocols and procedures
  • Ensure hot work permit is filled out properly and completely
  • Provide fire suppression and warning equipment
  • Consult on pre and post project reviews to ensure best practices are used.

After completion of the hot work:

  • Stay in the area and monitor the site for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Ensure that there are no chances of re-ignition of fire
  • Area is continual free and clear of hazards
  • Complete all documentation regarding the hot work permit
  • Turn in all needed paperwork in a timely fashion at the completion of the work.

Prior to Personnel entering confined spaces:

  • Participate in the JSA process
  • Ensure confined space has been properly vented
  • Gases will be checked top, middle and bottom of the space prior to entering (standards set forth by customer)
  • Ensure all proper permits have been completed
  • Rescue equipment is on location and signage is posted

During the entry:

  • Monitor communications with crew inside
  • Stage outside the hole, ensuring no unauthorized entry is made
  • Ensure no objects are dropped in the area and monitor gas levels
  • Service as top side/outside hazard awareness

After the Entry:

  • Ensure everyone is out of the confined space
  • Ensure good housekeeping
  • Ensure all safety equipment is stowed in proper location
  • Ensure open hole is properly barricaded/closed before leaving the area
  • All paperwork is completed and turn in promptly


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