JFP Safety Services, LLC offers our partners in safety a full menu of safety service options, from fire watch personnel, hydration technicians, safety advisors, paramedics, safety auditors, incident investigations and safety training.

The bottom line is that we are here to provide practically any safety service that you our partners need. We offer these services, using the "three R’s” approach….. Reliable, Reasonable, and Respectful. No matter where you might be, on-land or out at sea, we want to be your partners in a safe working environment.

Fire Watch / Confined Space JFP Safety Services’ (JFPSS) Fire Watch and Confined Space personnel have been thoroughly and rigorously trained to prevent fires and ensure no one enters a space that isn’t properly managed. Only after successfully completing industry standard training, and JFPSS orientation with internal training curricula will personnel be able to be deployed on a job.  
Hydration Technicians We understand that no matter what temperature it is outside the work most go on. JFP Safety Services, LLC is here to partner with our customers to ensure worker safety through proper hydration. Our hydration and cooling services can be on your site ensuring worker safety. We have the ability to set up cooling and misting tents for hot weather rest and recovery breaks.
Safety Advisors JFP Safety Services offers a broad range of Safety programs including but not limited to both "active” and "advisor” solutions.
ParamedicsJFP safety services is able to provide single and dual role paramedics for your remote locations. We understand that most projects don’t require just a paramedic, but also a clerk or safety adviser. Our paramedics are able to better partner with your company by providing a dual role to meet the needs of your location.
Accident Investigations JFP Safety Services understands that the unexpected happens and when it does we are available 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days a year to respond to your accident/incident to start the investigation as soon as possible before valuable information is lost. Our staff of professionals employ classic root cause analysis (RCA) techniques geared towards keeping your organization "first in class.”
Alcohol & Drug Testing JFP Safety Services knows that there are times when you need onsite testing either post incident or for cause. Our staff are at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to travel to your location to conduct onsite drug and alcohol testing. Our certified DOT and DISA drug testers are properly credentialed to travel offshore to conduct expedient onsite drug and alcohol testing.
Training ServicesJFP Safety services understands that it is both costly and time consuming to send your personnel to remote locations for training.  In addition to the associated costs there is also the assumed liability which accompanies having employees traveling for company business. That is why JFP Safety Services brings the training program to your location of choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
On-Site Health & WellnessJFP Safety Services, LLC has coordinators to help assist your employees in developing and improving healthy and proactive lifestyles. We have certified, registered dietitians and personnel fitness trainers who are trained to be deployed to the offshore and industrial environments.



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