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Part-Time Business Development Representative
This position is: Part Time

Job Title: Part-Time Business Development Representative

Reports To: General Manager


The Part-Time Business Development Representative is responsible for maximizing sales revenue through the acquisition and development of new domestic accounts, maintaining existing accounts and providing excellent customer service.

Education and Experience

High School Diploma or Equivalent and at least 2-5 years depending on the industry of experience in sales and similar factors.

Must have experience in selling HSE Representative and Paramedics to Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas Customers, Construction Firms, Refineries and other industries who utilize these specially trained personnel as part of their project work scope.

Must possess reliable Customer Contact list that can be called on immediately

Must maintain a valid driverís license and have the ability to travel to customer locations.

Focus Area

Success Measure

Business Development

Salesvolumeandprofitareincreasedbyacquiringnewaccounts,obtainingsignednon-disclosureagreement,master service agreements and submitting proposals in a timely manner.

Performance Standard

∑ Establishes business opportunities with New prospective customers

∑ Executes sales efforts in an ethical and professional manner, assuring a favorable impression of self and the company

∑ Identify prospective clients by researching leads and networking with company personnel and other industry personnel through various mediums

∑ Personal sales calls at customer sites on regular basis

∑ Follow-up on all generated quotations to assure customer is being serviced and documents the outcome of the proposed solution

∑ Develops an effective and productive working relationship with New and existing customers

∑ Maintain ownership over the proposal process, checking in frequently to ensure that progress is being made and the proposal is coming together in a timely manner.

∑ Maintain accurate and complete client reports "intelĒ and client activities

Focus Area

Performance Measure

Increase Sales

Sales & Profits are increased by introducing company services, increasing the number of proposals submitted to individual customers, and retaining customer loyalty.

Performance Standard

∑ Create a sales plan for increasing sales

∑ Meet and coordinate with the customer to forecast upcoming projects and goals and communicate the ways that JFP can help meet their needs.

∑ Communicate customerís needs to the Operations and Accounting Departments.

∑ Directly ask for the customerís business.

∑ Introduce the customer to JFP and educate them on the full suite of JFP

∑ Follow up on leads and referrals from current customers/prospects and website inquiries in a timely manner

Focus Area

Performance Measure

Customer Service

Customer loyalty is maintained by providing exceptional level of customer service and acting as the liaison between client and JFP operations ensuring that all needs are meet at the proposed sites.

Performance Standard

∑ Identify the customerís wants and needs and what factors influence the customerís purchasing decision (price,servicedeliverytime,etc.).

∑ Proactively communicate the customerís goals to management and buyers so that JFP is prepared to meet their needs

∑ Follow-up with customer regarding the acceptance of a bid.

∑ Thank customers for their business after bids are accepted or on a regular basis.



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